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Data Security


All CTSDMC servers are located in a secured area, with access restricted to CTSDMC personnel only.  The servers have internal IP Security Policies that limit exposure from unauthorized sources.  Additional steps have been taken to provide for security of data. All users of the CTSDMC network utilize accounts that are password-protected and changed on a random schedule. Database accounts follow the same guidelines. The Systems Coordinator carefully monitors the accounts of CTSDMC staff with database update rights. Other CTSDMC staff database accounts are "read-only" to prevent unauthorized modification of data.  The CTSDMC database server, file server, and access server are key-locked to prevent unauthorized use.  Remote computers used for data entry and e-mail are also password protected.

The CTSDMC provides 24-hour/7-day per week coverage by maintaining replication on mission-critical web and database servers. The replication process allows data saved to the primary server to be simultaneously written to a secondary server. If a failure or service interruption occurs on the primary server, then a rapid failover to the secondary server allows for application recovery. The CTSDMC maintains the primary and secondary servers in separate locations to protect against extended power outages or natural disasters. By utilizing replication servers, CTSDMC reduces scheduled server down-time. Application upgrades, service packs, and maintenance and hardware upgrades can be applied to the secondary server, and after thorough testing, these modifications can be replicated back to the primary server.

All servers are backed-up regularly utilizing Veritas Backup Exec software on a PowerVault 124T tape unit, providing eight tapes in rotation. This package allows the CTSDMC to perform complete back-ups of all Internet, database, and file servers. A full back-up of all data is performed twice weekly, and differential back-ups are performed five times a week. This procedure allows the CTSDMC to recover data from a number of different time points if necessary. The weekly back-up tapes are stored in a secured, off-site location to provide protection from natural disasters. In addition, a safe-deposit box is retained to store tapes of "frozen" datasets and electronic copies of interim, safety, and final reports.