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Howard GH, McClure LA, Krakauer JW, and Coffey CS. Stroke and the Statistics of the Aspirin/Clopidogrel Secondary Prevention Trials, Current Opinions in Neurology, 20:71-77, 2007. (PMC Journal - In Process)

Pergola PE, White CL, Graves JW, Coffey CS, Tonarelli SB, Hart RG, and Benavente OR for the SPS3 Investigators. Reliability and Validity of Blood Pressure Measurement in the Secondary Prevention of Small Sub-cortical Strokes Study, Blood Pressure Monitoring, 12:1-8, 2007. (PMC Journal - In Process)

Coffey CS, Kairalla JA, and Muller KE. Practical Methods for Bounding Type I Error Rate with an Internal Pilot Design, Communications in Statistics " Theory and Methods, 36:2143-2157, 2007.

Gurka MJ, Coffey CS, and Muller KE. Internal Pilots for a Class of Linear Mixed Models With Gaussian and Compound Symmetric Data, Statistics in Medicine, 26:4083-4099, 2007. (PMC Journal - In Process)

Short Courses and Workshops

Coffey CS, Gaydos B, Pinheiro J. Faculty Member, 'Adaptive Dose-Response Studies' continuing edcucation course in conjunction with the Annual Joint Statistical Meetings, August 2007, (Salt Lake City, UT)

Coffey CS, Gaydos B, Pinheiro J. Faculty Member, 'Adaptive Designs in Dose-Finding Studies', part of a four-part web-based training series sponsored by PhRMA and the Biopharmaceutical section of the American Statistical Association, November 2007