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Elobeid M, Padilla M, McVie T, Thomas O, Brock D, Musser B, Lu K, Coffey C, Desmond R, St-Onge M, Gadde K, Heymsfield S, and Allison D. Missing Data in Randomized Clinical Trials for Weight Loss: Scope of the Problem, State of the Field, and Performance of Statistical Methods, PLoS One, 4(8):e6624, 2009. (PMCID: PMC2720539)

Brown DL and Coffey CS. A Shift to Shift Analysis? Neurology, 72(15):1292-1293, 2009. (PMC Journal - In Process)

Bretz F, Branson M, Burmann CF, Chuang-Stein C, and Coffey CS. Adaptivity in Drug Discovery and Development, Drug Development Research, 70:169-190, 2009.

Short Courses and Workshops

Coffey, CS. Co-organizer and Presenter, 'Scientific Advances in Adaptive Clinical Trial Design' November, 2009, (Baltimore, MD)

Coffey, CS. Primary Faculty Member, 'Clinical Trials Methods in Neurology', August 2009, (Vail, CO)

Coffey, CS, Rosenberg Y, Lovato L, Melia M, Gilson M. Organizer and Instructor, 'Fundamentals of Randomized Clinical Trials' pre-conference workshop sponsored by the Society of Clinical Trials, May, 2009, (Atlanta, GA)